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My Russian School in Siberia


7 reasons to choose My Russian School in Siberia to learn Russian in Russia

1. The school of Russian language is located in the city centre, everything is within a walking distance: sights, supermarkets, the Yenisey river, museums, theatres, cinemas. Taxis can take you to any part of the city and the fare is about 1-2 €.

2. In our school there are 5 classrooms, so we are able to organise classes for about 20 students a month. And of course, these 20 people are main priority. From the moment you step on Siberian land we will be there to meet all of your expectations.

3. Our professional teachers of Russian language know modern teaching techniques, they are full of energy and fully motivated. They always explain the material in the best possible way. They are all fluent in foreign languages, so they will be able to explain the most difficult material in your own language. The all are experts on Russian language and cultural immersion method.

4. Our Russian language course includes cultural and language immersion. We offer a tour package of Russian language course in Russia which is designed specially for people who value their time and want to improve their level of Russian in Russia in a short period of time and want to get the best results. The fees are competitive. But apart from the Russian language course it also includes extra facilities, which are Russian host-family accommodation, language assessment, visa support, regular coffee breaks at school, full materials package etc.

5. Students who focus on getting the best results in studying Russian in Russia, after their course can take TRKI-exam and get a certificate of TRKI-1, TRKI-2 or TRKI-3 in our Russian language center.

6. You can learn Russian in Russia without any fees in our center. All you need is to join our social and cultural initiatives and raise Russian people’s awareness of other cultures and languages.

7. We provide post-educational support for our students and offer individual Russian language sessions via Skype. It helps students improve their language skills, even when they are not in Russian language environment any more.


Отзывы о школе

Ярошинская Алина

Мне очень нравится. Очень хороший педагог. Настя – лучшая!:)

Почекурина Анастасия

Меня устраивает, лучшего не пожелать! :)

Каледа Светлана

Хорошая школа. Доброжелательное отношение в дружелюбной обстановке улучшает качество урока

Кустова Евгения

Отзыв положительный: школа предлагает скидки, различные ускоренные курсы